Insong Arch

Insong is an iOS game that generates gameplay and abstract visuals from tracks in Spotify, iTunes, and from embedded tracks played by Unity; managing music from those three different sources requires some modularity, however, so that the game can add both new audio providers and new visualizations easily. I’ll show you how it works.

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Drawing Paths

April 10, 2013 — Leave a comment

Pathfinding In secret project, players can now draw paths from a single unit or an entire squad in realtime, and the lines will show the route the unit will take based on obstacles and such using an A* recast pathfinding approach. Following units in the same squad will automatically find nearby cover. It looks fairly simple, but recasting at runtime works, so environmental objects can be destroyed and paths changed at runtime, and dynamic level chunks can be generated procedurally and the paths take almost no time to regenerate.

So it’s coming along.

I’m head-down… with something related to this:

Level Blockouts

Insong creates abstract playable music-art from any track you select in Spotify or iTunes on iOS. It’s free. It was in limbo for a while (long story) but now it appears that I will be releasing it after all. Here’s an informal look at the gameplay.